SMD solder paste, flux, etc.


We have restocked the SMD solder paste and flux in the mini refrigerator. Under the cad computer. THIS MUST REMAIN REFRIGERATED!

DO NOT UNPLUG MINI FRIDGE!! Ever. Please. Solder paste and flux go bad quickly when warm and is expensive to replace. The previous supplies were left unplugged and are kaput.

These new MG pastes and flux are compatible with the kester solder rolls we have for SMD work now. They also match the reflow temps of our reflow oven.

We also have full book of SMD resistors and caps now (mostly 1204). So repairing electronics with SMD should be much more doable (not to mention prototypes).

Finally, if like to lead up to an surface mount electronics skills class at some point soon. We're getting there.

However, if you'd like a brush up or tutorial on rework, drag soldering, simple repairs, let me know...


PS. Also feel free to use this mini-fridge for misc non-food supplies that store cold, like photo films, sugru, etc. just don't cross contaminate. Also, flux and solder paste are toxic if eaten, so I wouldn't put beer in this fridge. Happily all this is safe if you don't eat it, so happy day...

I have a decent amount of supplies stashed for a SMT class. Junk boards, components, etc. Plus I stock lots of passives in 0603, caps and res. And a growing pile of other shit.

Yep. I found the ftdi parts here. :slight_smile:

The parts I got were 0804, I think, not 1204 my bad.

Thanks Dave. I’ll definitely loop you in on any plans I make over the summer for SMD class stuff.

BTW, my pile of parts is insane at home as well…

Maybe I should do another sweep of the attic stash and gather useful things for classes myself…

If people are interested I could probably do a vacuum tube workshop. I still have boxes of 50-100 of NOS JAN tubes I used in the kits I used to produce… I bought most from Los Alamos national lab, which was sorta the much cooler “UC assets” sale where I come from. Yes, some of it is radioactive, but not dangerous (alpha mostly).

Sigh… Maybe I’ll finish building that vacuum tube computer one day. (I am not joking).