Saturday, February 1, Game Day at Hive13

In spite of the cold, I will attempt to hold Game Day on Saturday, February 1, at Hive13.

I will show up around lunch time to do cleanup, and I expect the games to start around 3:00 PM. I will be there until at least 5:00 PM, even if nobody shows. If people show up for game day, I will be staying later as necessary.

Games from my library: Munchkin, Elder Sign, Fluxx, Nuns on the Run, Something Different, and whatever else I can fit into my backpack.

If you have a game that you would like to play, please bring it. I don’t expect most of what I bring to be played, but the opportunity to share them is a part of my enjoyment.

Children and young adults are welcome as well, as game day is supposed to be family friendly.

Just realized that Sunday is Superbowl Sunday. Should I reschedule this for the 8th?

If not, I intend to bring my attempt at my mother’s pierogis to Hive for dinner, if people are interested.

I don’t care about the Superbowl, so i’ll see about convincing my crew to go.​