Safety and security at the Hive

Hi everyone,
Since a lot of people weren’t around for the break in I just wanted to let everyone know what is up right now.

For right now we still so not have any other cameras than the webcam in the space running, although there is another very nice security camera down at the space we need to get set up asap.

Regarding the door; our landlord Grant (or somebody) fixed the two doors leading in to the building from the back so they now close and lock securely. Just a forewarning so you don’t learn the hard way like I did… the external metal door to the loading dock now closes under its own weight.

This means all three doors leading to the back of the hive lock. Barring someone with a cutting torch, I don’t think anyone will be able to break in to either entrance of the building.

If anyone has any concerns about their safety and security at the hive or has an idea to improve then please speak up!