Reminder: kitchen warden hours tonight!

Kitchen Warden hours tonight will be from about 7:30 to 9:30.

Thank you,

I’m having trouble using my dishwasher. All of my dirty dishes end up in the sink instead of inside it. Can you help? I think I may have to make an adjustment to my children…

I think the child reprogramming group meets every other fifth Thursday of the month.

On a serious note, I’ve actually considered getting into appliance hacking. Everyone hates their new energy efficient dishwashers because they don’t dry dishes, don’t wash as well, etc.
They’re all little embedded controllers. I bumped into a guy that wrote firmware for them for GE appliances in Louisville. He claims they use incredibly few PLC-ish custom electronic modules across pretty much the entire range of GE brand appliances. I already put a small resistor in series with the temperature sensor of my dishwasher to boost its temperature by 5-6degC which has made a world of difference.