Power Series Stipend Vote

For those of you that wanted a follow up here’s what the this week will be for:

$300 budget increase for replacements/spares for the Detroit makerfaire.

The power series racing has been a long Hive13 ongoing project since last september, and yes, it’s been our infamous tripping hazard as it’s been designed, rebuilt, and finally driven in the last week or so. What are we going to buy with the money? We recently learned some lessons about motor cooling (it’s important!) and burned out the original motor. I’ve taken one from my personal electric vechicle for the power series racing, as well as put plenty of my own cash in getting this thing off the ground.

I’d love it if you’ld say yes to something that’s going to be a great show off at future makerfaires and will hopefully spur more community interest in electric vehicle design, not to mention just being plain cool

Would you mind adding a deadline to this like we have been doing with all of our votes?