Pallet Racks - Update

Coy has moved the electrical outlet that prevented the last shelf from being placed for the pallet racks. Thanks Coy!

Coy Tiff and myself added the final shelf to the pallet racks. (I mostly just got stuck in between the vending machine and the wall)

Tiff went ahead and placed a label of appropriate size for each of the boxes. Claim you spaces now while they are prime!



note that there are several spots on other pallet racks that are yet to be claimed and that the idea is we make our member boxes so the shelves don’t look full of junk and clutter. i’m working on mine and hoping to make it almost tackle box style!


I would like to formally request reserving a spot on the shelves before they all get taken.

Tim W.

I will lay claim to a spot after the meeting tomorrow night.


Great work, keep it up!