Outlet on the edge of woodworking area needs a plug and faceplate.

There is an outlet box on the big support post on the edge of the woodworking area (with the two mame cabinets right next to it) that has an outlet box w/ wires, but no actual outlet. It’s just a metal box with wires. It would be nice to have extra plugs here (currently there is an extension cord from 1C into 1D for power tools) and we need power here to be able to move the webcam. Paul and I decided that we aren’t very good electricians and would like to leave this up to someone else to do. Is there anyone who can wire up the actual plug for this?

This is on our bettermeans:


I can do electric, but I lack time currently. If you're not in a
hurry, keep nagging me. If you are in a hurry find someone else.
-Dave B.

Not in a big hurry. To be honest I’m wondering how much work it would really be. I think all that really needs to be done is to get the outlet and faceplate for it, make sure the breaker is off so you don’t get electrocuted, and then screw all of the wires into the correct places.


That's fairly accurate.