Our current space and its limitations

Ok, just message me when would be good or we can do it by chance.

I don’t know if it is player two’s old space, that was all before me, but based on descriptions I don’t think so. there is definitely no boiler in the space I am talking about. It is partially below the print shop.

The space would require some work to make usable, it would need ventilation, maybe sprinklers, a wall to block it off from non-members, a door like the annex has, electrical runs, etc. However, it is cement floor, stone wall, and high ceiling. It would definitely open up possibilities that we currently woudl struggle to do safely, and it would be FAR less impact/effort vs. moving. If acquired in the future, it would be a great candidate for moving all out hot work and metal work down there, freeing up the current metal shop for new capabilities (printing presses? fabrics room? paint booth? Jewelry bench? recording studio? pottery? Resin Casting bench? who knows!).

An additional benefit of that space down there is it has a 3-phase power panel in it, potentially opening up our options for future machine purchases.

As others have said, financially and member-effort wise, it is still a ways off, but it is absolutely an option worth serious thought.

I will have to see it to be for sure but I believe it may be. I hit you up on slack to work out a date and time.

I’ve been a member since the very beginning, and I wish I had a nickle for every time this discussion has come up. But that’s not to say there’s no merit to the discussion.

I think there’s a terrific compromise to both expansion/space along with building the community/portability. Have collaborative efforts with satellite facilities!! For those that have stuck around, you’ll remember we had demos at the glass blowing workshop. They had 2 ton glass ovens and such. They even donated the Archimedes finger (that’s now a LED trophy) in hopes we would have future collaboration. It’s now 2019, and we have a dinky 0.5 lb glass oven (no offense to the warden, I think the small trinkets are nice, but no-where near the scale the glass shop was offering for collaboration).

There’s also the unused network of hive members too. Some members have great spaces of their own. Tiffany/Mike have brewing. I’ve got the beginnings of a Bio-lab. Bill has his own Fab-lab. I’ve got a friend that has 2 radio-labs (one that’s under a veil of dust). I’ve heard recently one or two members have saw mills.

I think a discussion should be made for writing collaboration mission statements that benefit the hive mission goals, as well as providing incentives to members with possible satellite sites.

I want to know more about this glass shop. What shop was it? Are they still around? I have extensive experience with Studio Glass, and would love to get in contact with someone who has a shop in this area.


P.S. - Studio/furnace glass and lampwork shouldn’t really be compared, the largest studios I have been in all have dedicated lampwork stations and kilns just like the one I brought in. They have completely different purposes.

I believe he refers to River City Works which Art Academy of Cincinnati ran. I don’t see much current about them and suspect they’ve been defunct for awhile.

Hey, Warren Trefz here. About River City Works, I designed, built, and maintained the equipment and taught the glass program for the Art Academy and made the Galileo finger and shell, but not without help. Yes it is defunct and has been since 2010. I currently run the Glass reFactory for Adams Brown Recycling but am out for awhile with a broken ankle, so I am catching up on neglected email accounts and such. I initiated the contact with the Hive because I saw it as a great opportunity for my students and your members to interact. I am not digitally connected that much as I much prefer voice conversations, hence lack of email checking, but would be willing to discuss the ends and out of building, maintaining and running a glass shop if you are interested. I will try to be more diligent about checking email and get back to interested parties. Have surgery Monday so may be out on meds for a bit, but thought I’d offer up my knowledge.

Warren :

Somewhat off the mark, but I recently did a neon class as my first glass blowing/bending experience.

I’d like to try that again (only got to do the bending, not the electrode fusing or the bombarding).

No rush, just an inquiry.


John, sorry I do not have a lot of experience in neon. Played a little back in college but nothing significant. My skills are in furnace glass large scale to goblet work. Neon is more akin to torch glass, a different glass but I used some of the same techniques in my goblets. Currently melting bottle glass at my work, once I am back, which is different from free blowing furnace glass most shops use. Have also done many types of glass casting. So any questions about furnace glass fire away.

ok, thanks for the prompt reply.


Kevin, where did you work and when?

Bottle glass... I'm sure that is nice and stringy when remelted as cullet, haha.

Any chance I could get in your shop sometime? My blowpipe hasn't dipped into a furnace in like 3 years now, would love to fix that

Short, even when hot so that you don’t pull stringers.
Sorry, I won’t be back in the shop for about 7 weeks, but after that would love to show you the shop. It is not set up as a blowing shop because we press the glass but I do drag out a bench and blow occasionally.
Where did you work out of?

I didn't "work" necessarily, it was all hobby/personal enjoyment oriented, but I blew glass in two shops in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. The shop I learned at was Tidewater Community College's visual arts center in Portsmouth, VA. They have a glass program run by Ed Francis. When I started to run out of classes to take there I started assisting for people and renting time at the Chrysler Museum of Art's shop in Norfolk, VA.

Know Ed Francis from way way way back. He helped with the initial building of River City Works back in 92(?). Been years since I’ve heard from him. There is a shop on the west side of town you can rent time at, Neusole, I designed and help build it in its original location and some of its current equipment is from RCW. Last I heard, one of my former students is the shop manager, so tell Nate “hello” if you go there. There is also Cincinnati Glassworks in northern Over the Rhine, run by another former student Dan, not certain if they rent time, but say “hi” if you stop by there. Glass is a good but expensive addiction.

Haha, I figured, everyone in glass knows Ed. The torch and Annealer and torch at Hive13 right now are actually his that he let me borrow.

I have no idea how I didn't already know about Cincinnati Glassworks! I've been up to Nusole,but it's so far north I never went up enough to get to know anyone there. Looks like Cincinnati Glassworks rents time at $120 per 4 hour slot, plus $20 for tools. That's not bad, The Chrysler museum was $150 for three hours on a small glory holes, and $180 for the big one.

Dan and Rachel at CGW are both super nice, so definitely check them out. I still need to get my butt over there and check their shop out. Let me know how it goes as I’m house bound for at least a week. Send them my regards.

I want to bring this thread back to attention today we again had the argument made we didnt have the space for a donation for new equipment. Last week it was said we dont have room for a resin printer on a shelf by someone else. I dont want to get into the conversation about other reasons to or not to have that equipment. But this is being brought up monthly to every other month, its showing this is an issue that needs to be addressed. I dont feel this is a “in a year” conversation, this is something that needs to be addressed in a fairly quick time frame. The Anchor building has at least 1 space in the basement, if not 2 available. The means we dont have to move as a whole, just reorganize. The 1 space would nearly, if not, double our current square footage. Also allow for a proper hot room with fairly ease (compared to what we have currently.)

That is only one option, For that: I am even willing to be the front person to talk to our landlords about pricing and options even.