One Stop Drop Recycle event

The One Stop Drop will be held on Saturday, August 3rd in the parking lot of Whole Foods Market in Rookwood Commons from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

The One Stop Drop is for residents only. Please do not bring materials from businesses, churches, schools, and other organizations. Only the items listed below will be collected.

Computers and Other Electronics:

(All hard drives will be erased and shredded during processing. For specific questions regarding the following list of acceptable electronics, please contact 2TRG at 513-761-5333.)

• AC/DC adapters
• Audio equipment
• Cables/ wires/ cords
• Circuit boards
• Computer components (including keyboard, mouse, fan, speakers, various board memory, cabling, processor, housing, media)
• Computer fans
• Computers (including all-in-one, desktop, laptops, main frames, and tablets)
• Contained powder toner (in cartridges/drums only)
• Copiers
• Digital memory cards
• Docking stations
• Electric motors
• Electronic game devices
• Fax machines
• GPS units
• Hard drives
• Keyboards
• Laptops and accessories
• Media (such as tapes or disks)
• Mice
• Modems
• Monitors (CRT and LCD)
• MP3 players
• Networking equipment
• Optical drives
• PC cards (such as finger boards)
• PDAs
• Power supplies
• Power tools
• Printers (including desktop and laser)
• Processor chips
• Projectors
• Ram/ memory
• Routers/ hubs
• Satellite receivers
• Scanners
• Security/ surveillance equipment
• Servers
• Shredders (document)
• Slot processors
• Speakers (plastic only)
• Surge protectors
• Telephones (e.g. landline, complete system)
• TV cable boxes
• TVs
• Video equipment

Non-Curbside Plastics:

• Single-use plastic grocery bags
o NOT ACCEPTABLE: bread bags, salad bags, zip lock bags, chip bags, or newspaper bags
• Number 5 plastics such as:
o Butter tubs
o Yogurt containers
o Sour cream containers
o Take out containers
o Food containers
o Only plastics labeled with the number 5 will be accepted

Gently Used Packing Material:

• Bubble wrap
• “Air pillows”
• Packing peanuts
o NOT ACCEPTABLE: Styrofoam, plastic wrap, anything in a hard form or bad condition

Used Pens and Markers:

• Pens (any brand)
• Highlighters (any brand)
• Markers (any brand)
• Permanent markers (any brand)
• Mechanical pencils (any brand)
o NOT ACCEPTABLE: regular colored or lead pencils
• Caps

Cell Phones:

• Cell phones
• Accessories such as chargers, car chargers, cases, etc.


Need any volunteers?

Oh, it’s not my event, just passing it on for interested folks. I’d assume if you called the number you might be able to help out (and probably snag any cool bits bound for electronic dream land).


Are they okay with people snagging stuff? I’d be interested in saving any vintage stuff from getting destroyed but 2trg is in this to make money I’m sure.