New tool delivered to give: metal cutoff saw

Hey All,
I dropped off a makita metal cut off saw at the hive. On the table in the meeting area.


Awesome job on finding this and putting the effort into it, it will be a lot better than the abrasive wheel saw.

Super cool.

We should get a replacement blade.
I’ll dig into the part number.


Click on the link to that website I put up, it’s the main page at Makita for the tool

Crap. The replacement blade is $107.

Makita A-90532 12-Inch 60-Teeth Dry Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

I thought it would be like $50.

Maybe wait a bit.

Tool looks brand new. Take a look when you get down there. Guessing we won’t need a replacement blade for awhile.

Yeah, I just hate being in the middle of something and a blade breaks. But for $100!we can probably wait a day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know there are quite a few companies who make carbide saws and that RPM range. If we can find some companies other than Makita comma like DeWalt, Erwin, Milwaukee, Diablo, etc. We might be able to find something of the same quality that is just not the oem blade for it hopefully. Also I noticed this blade is carbide tipped, so possibly is there any companies that can professionally sharpened in an area that anyone knows of. We may be able to get a blade and then two maybe three regrind / sharpening of it before having to actually ditch the blade which could help with overall cost of the unit. With my experience with most of these songs and the type of materials we are going to be cutting at the hive it should last a good deal of time given it is taken care of and not abused.

Damn my voice to text is killing it today lol I’m going to wait till I can use the keyboard so things make sense lmao. working the taste of Colerain getting stuff ready for today and tomorrow.

Do we have plans to sell our one we currently have?

It’s a complete different saw and uses a metal blade that is extremely precise.

I would probably hold onto our old one for rough cutting jobs.



The older saw at the hive is a harbor frieight abrasive wheel saw that is great for cutting think or bulk materials down to a manageable size. It is a very crude and inaccurate way and this new one uses a metal blade with cutting tips more like a machining tool. It will allow for miter cuts along with something that will be a dream for extruded aluminium and steel stock. The harbor freight one I would see being kept since as far as value it’s not much at all yet for rough metal cuts it’s a cheap way.

Found the spindle.

Looks like about $15.
I could indicate the spindle before we order it to make sure it is bent. I can use one of the test indicators.

I’m wondering if the first user treated it like an abrasive saw and tried to force through something like a crazy man