New Member

I stopped by last Tuesday and signed up for membership on the website.
What’s next?

Keep coming to meetings when you can, and find something to make, be it in collaboration with others or by yourself. As long as you’re making something or working on something cool that you can share, I think most everybody will be glad to see you around. And “cool” is a very relative term. Sometimes it’s as simple as fixing the zipper on a broken dice bag. Other times, it’s as complex as the power tool racing light tree. Either way, be creative, find solutions and experiment. Who knows what you’ll be doing next?

Hi Jessica, and welcome to hive13!

Have you filled out your membership application and liability waiver?

If you haven’t, you can grab them either from the home page or in person at the space. Fill those out and give them to either myself or one of the officers or board members, and we’ll get you set up for an RFID card so that you can get into the space along with the door code for the outside door.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.


I (and I’m assuming) a few other people will be down there tonight working on the laser and a few other things. Drop by and say hello! We’re pretty friendly, most of the time. Just don’t take our Internet away. We get testy after that.