New Badge Reader and Monitor at hive13

Thanks to the shared efforts of Hutch (for mounting the RFID reader and door strike cables through the cement brick wall and door frame), Brandon (for helping me pull the cable and terminate the cables above the vending machine), and Jon (for updating the arduino code on the RFID door reader to enable caching), we now have an additional RFID reader on the South building door. You can use your badge to get in – you’ll hear the usual beeping noise, and just pull the handle towards you: there’s no need to enter the code on the keypad.

Also, we now have a video monitor near the exit door, so as you walk out of the door, you can see what’s going on outside near the door.

I did notice that we were out of Cat5e, so I purchased another 1000 feet at Home Depot and I’ll put it up in the racks as I’m cleaning up the space tonight.

If you have any questions about what work has been done, please let me know.


I’ve replaced the relay on the downstairs door.

Unfortunately, the door is putting a fair amount of stress/pressure on the door strike that it might not always release when you present your card and it becomes accepted.

A good summer, weekend project (According to Hutch) is that we should pull the door off of its hinges and fix how it swings – until we actually perform that task, if you’re getting the green/red blinky light and it’s not opening, push the door in a bit before you pull the door handle, and it should open.

Let me know if you have any questions.