New 3D Printer at Hive13

Good news everyone!

Hive13 has acquired (by a very generous donation) a nice commercial 3D printer. It’s a Stratasys FDM 2000. We just got it in today. The company that donated it is Morris Technologies, a local company. ( ) The machine is old but is supposed to be in working condition.

We’re still figuring out what all we will need to get it working. Once it’s working, it will be a very nice machine. The build area is much bigger than the MakerBot and the print quality is better too. Also, this device supports multiple materials and support material.

From now on Monday nights are going to be “Fab Lab Mondays” instead of “MakerBot Mondays”. We’ll work on the 3D printers and the Laser Cutter. Between now and next Monday I will be working on a plan to get the new Stratasys up and running. If you’re interested in working on it with us just let me know or just show up on Monday.


Very cool Dave. I noticed in the wiki you’re looking for a printer head. It looks like a couple are up for sale on eBay:

as well as some ABS material from the same guy.


Yeah, I’ve actually already bid on the print heads and the plastic (but got outbid right away). We’ll have to decide how much the print heads are worth to us and then bid again. I really don’t want to let an entire spare print head get away from us if this is our only chance. After casual conversation last night, we thought we could collectively put together maybe $150 - $200 to bid on the print head again when the auction gets closer to ending.


use an auction sniper, duh.

Have we had any luck finding software or a common interface yet?