missing tightening key for the Ryobi drill press

Do anyone knows where is the key to tighten the bits on the Ryobi 10" drill press? it is not in is dedicated spot. I attached a picture of one (not the one I need).

I can’t change the actual drill bit without it.



No idea, unfortunately. We (Nancy, Ian and I) noticed it missing yesterday evening. I was expecting it to appear while cleaning the workbench later, but I couldn’t find it.

Perhaps it has rolled under the workbench or mill. I guess it’s time to chain it to the machine as has been done on the other drill press.

This is hard on screwdrivers, and I’d definitely wear safety glasses, but it does work:


That was just the first video I could find.

It might be worth putting the key on a leash, though.


We (Nany and I) found it. it was under the bench. We put a temporary leash on it.


the chuck key has been found, and is now on a fishing line leash.

oop, thats what I get for not refreshing the page first.