minecraft tools for makerfaire

Here are the minecraft tools which Marvin 3D-printed for past events. I’m going to crank out a few hundred of them on my home 3D printer this week, anyone else is welcome to help. May throw in a few other tiny prints as well.



minecraft_axe.stl (10.6 KB)

minecraft_hoe.stl (11 KB)

minecraft_pickaxe.stl (11 KB)

minecraft_sword.stl (13.9 KB)

Mike, I got these minecraft files last night, but I am having lots of problems printing them. I will keep trying, but I don’t expect to be able to supply to many.
Dave Lear

I downloaded a few of the MInecraft tools from Thingverse a while ago. I was going to give it a go tonight.

Net I don’t think you have to do the ones MIke sent out. If something else works better go ahead.