mess left in kitchen

someone left two iron skillets on the stove full of grease plus an apple core on a cutting board with a dirty knife on the kitchen island.


We can do better.
I know Tim was seasoning the iron skillets but we still need to clean things up when we are done.

We can always review the security cameras and post screen shots of the miscreant . . . .

This wasn’t just a little oil from seasoning. It was deep white grease from frying burgers or something with a dirty spatula in one of the skillets.

I think it is a leftover from Tuesday (the greasy skillet) I think Brad used it after me. Don’t know who did after him. No idea on the apple. (When, who)

I’m planning to be down there in,a bit for some craft self care. I’ll take a few minutes and clean it up.


Yes I grilled a burger Tuesday and then someone then grilled another.

wasn’t trying to single anyone out, just reminding folks to clean up. I boiled some water on the stove and the kettle was greasy so I cleaned that up and started on the skillets but got sidetracked.

Other than the kitchen the place looked good. I wish I could have made to the open house. I finally painted my mask from Will’s mask class a few weeks ago. The game console in the meeting area was playing non-stop and I didn’t know how to get it to stop. If someone has some basic hints on how to adjust volume or get out of a game that is playing I’ll laminate it and put it next to the console.