Meetup, advertising the space, etc. ?

I recently joined meetup in order to help publicize the Mini-Maker faire event we’re having in October that Brent put up there. looks like a pretty nice platform. I went through and got started doing a meetup page for Hive13 then I realized it was a pay site - $12/month for six month membership. I don’t really want to pay for it out of pocket, but I think it might be worth looking at for the hive to join.

I am going to suggest the Tuesday night talk on SMT on the Cincy Tech group that Brent is a member of. I think we should keep an eye on this platform as it looks like a pretty neat way to reach our to new members and publicize Hive13 in a somewhat targeted way. If you’re on meetup, RSVP to this event so it will get published:

So… I think in addition to doing introductions at meetings, our secretary should record where new people heard about the space. I think if we keep track of this, it will be valuable info.

-Dave B.

I’m a manager of the tech life group, I’ll go ahead and promote it and any other meetings we want up.

Awesome! Thanks Chris. The two items currently are the soldering class on the 12th of March and the Maker Faire on the 12th of October.