Makerbot Question and Electrical update

So Monday morning I went to print out a small part on the makerbot and it printed out 6 parts…which is cool because I do eventually want 5 but I needed a test part first and I’m sure I just selected the wrong thing. I wanted to make it Monday night to ask but couldn’t make it back to the Hive. Could somebody write on a label what settings we should be using for standard prints. There are so many different configs now I had no idea and just went for the last used one.

Marcus started on the electrical upgrade on Monday and he projects being finished on Weds. I should be at the meeting tonight. In the meantime if you see any loose electrical wires do not stick a sharp metal object in it (unless you signed the waiver :wink:



Oops... sorry, that was my fault. I had the "Multiply" setting
enabled which allows a part to be printed on a single build multiple
times (2x3 array in this case.)

I turned it off so it will only print one part.

By the way, I tested the loose dangling wires (by biting them) to see
if they were live... they wern't!


I just got a call from Marcus and the work should be done. He finished up a day early! Woot! So we should be good to go with plugging everything in now and hooking up the new AC units.

Thanks Bill, both for the setting adjustment and for biting the wires. I appreciate your testing methods that I know work on 9 volt batteries, so it makes sense that we should also test the wall outlets the same way. Mmmmm, tasty.