Make Live Video Airs tonight, 9pm!

Hello all!

Our piece for Make Online will air live this evening at 9pm ET. You
can view the show at the following URL's:

If you have not seen the preview video, you can do so here:

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks to Dave Menninger for
getting us a slot on the show.

Have a good one!

Our portion of the episode is also up here:

Check out some of the other clips from episode 21 as well. They showed
some pretty interesting spaces and projects.

I would also like to thank Chris Anderson for taking the time to show
off (and be the first entry on) our Wall of Fail, because people
seemed to love it. Since the original Wall of Fail in the Laboratory
for Recreational Computing office at University of Cincinnati no
longer exists (the LaRC office was moved) I am very glad that this
idea could carry on in another form.

HIVE13 looked good. Nicely done all the way around folks!



hodapp - i had no idea that the wall of fail was a larc tradition.
that's awesome :slight_smile:

I talked to a friend about it and he pointed out that it emerged when
a LaRC member had miserably failed a test for a class, and taped the
test up on the wall for everyone to see and laugh about (or perhaps to
remind him to study, since people would often study for class in the
office). Other members followed suit anytime they screwed up really
badly on a test, and a pretty good collection accumulated there over
time. Eventually someone dubbed it the "Wall of Shame" (so I guess I
had the title wrong - but I think it also had "All hail ye kings of
fail!" written below it.)