M3D printer: interesting?

I don’t know if some of you already knows this printer but I have just discovered it on kickstarter and it may interest some hivers.


$349, that is an impressive price for the capabilities!


They have to produce about 12,000 units to fulfill their backlog right now and they haven’t figured out how to get it to run correctly at this time. Of course, I backed them and will let you know when I hear anything else.

I think their biggest issues is simply scaling up… the technology looks pretty good at this point.


I see it mention abs, is it a heated build plate? At 50 microns that pretty damn good per layer.

No, it’s not heated… and ABS is tricky on it. The buildtak plate they are using doesn’t really work that well with ABS… PLA should work perfectly, however.

As for 50 microns… they have yet to prove that… in fact, their kickstarter was touting 100 microns as a stretch goal, which they said they have now achieved. However, their prints do not represent that.


They have 12000 clients waiting for this machine? wow! They better make this stuff works!
Maybe an ABS heated bed will be proposed in option if they can’t make it work without it…