Let's document how awesome our members are.


I’d like to add blogs with video and photos to our website featuring Hive members. Ideally, I’d like to do one long-time member and one new member each month. The format I’m thinking of would be a short article with photos and links, plus a short video at hive of member showing what they’re working on.

So, who among you would be interested in showing off the cool work, projects, personality, etc that you bring to hive?

We have so many great people doing awesome things. We should document this and proudly post it.

I’ll write, shoot, and edit everything.

Any volunteers, especially among new members?



This is awesome! I’d love to help edit if possible!

Heath Blandford
P: 513-259-5587
E: william.blandford1@gmail.com

I’ll be sure to take you up on that. Any help is appreciated.

Also, for those who feel more introverted, I am quite happy on focusing on your projects de-emphasizing biographical content. Any way you slice it, it’s good for Hive and good for members who are making cool stuff and would like documentation (anyone can feel free to use this material how ever they want, such as promotion of your work, etc).

I will be happy to let you know when I finish commisions that are photo ready.

I may be interested but honestly most of my work gets done outside of the Hive. Once the laser cutter is back online I’ll have more to do there though.

Matt I am in the same boat, I mostly hit with 3d printing which i have my print farm at home.

I recently did a brief how-to on surface mount soldering. I could pull the logo off the video if this is what you’re thinking.


I took a quick look at the video and found it odd that you use flux in conjunction with a solder paste, as the solder balls are suspended in a flux gel already.
It could be useful to do a comprehensive video covering all the ways to solder surface mount stuff at home. It could cover solder iron, hot plate, hot air, and oven methods

I’ve always heard that without the flux pen the solder won’t gather on the pads. Never tried without though. I’d be up for expanding this to a library of methods with some other folks. It would be nice to cover common problems too.

My 2 cents,

A little RMA or 'no-clean' flux helps with DIY assembly. Automated assembly is very carefully controlled to be consistent -- temp, humidity, dust, etc. Adding flux to the pads keeps them clean and free of oxides, and increases adhesion, and reduces cold solder joints. ‎Also, most pastes aren't made to sit out during long assembly, and dry out quickly.

But, yes, you can go without too. I've gotten good results either way.

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I will have some video from doing lawnmower engine swaps between engine brands and other small engine mods.

I am also doing some vehicle how to’s for lighting such as switching to led bulbs, switches, etc.

I do not have any video editing software as of now but after I finish projects over the next week or 2 I can write up build sheets or edit video for the ongoing summer projects I have had.

I am getting ready for the next surgery, yeah… i think lol :confused: . I hope you are recovering good buddy! Are there any cheap microphones you would recommend to hook up to my wife nikon dslr? I also have the go pro knockoffs that I could mod to get better sound/footage.


There are some awesome options for mic’s that are pretty affordable. There are some options for shotgun mic’s that attach right to the camera (think vlogging rig), but I think for something like a tutorial video, a lavaliere mic would be best.

There are an abundance of options on amazon for both. Almost anything will be better than the onboard mic of the camera.

As far as editing goes, I think I mentioned above that I’d love to help edit. I’m pretty familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite (premiere pro, after effects, photoshop). Would just need to discuss transfer of video files.


I also have some experience with Premiere.

I totally agree on a nice mic. That can make a huge difference.

I’m happy to help.


There are a lot of good open source / free video editors these days. Open shot is one that works on all platforms, and is easy to use. I tend to use kdenlive, and feel no need to pay for adobe CC again.

Davinci Resolve is another good, free editor. The color grading that’s built in seems to be “industry standard.” I enjoyed using it for the short time that I tried it out. Adding effects via nodes was new to me, but made sense after some work.

Awesome, thank you guys

As far as audio goes, I have some DIY solutions for you. I still have some nice mic parts and we could throw something together. Placement, gain staging, baffling against wind, noise, etc are so much more important than the mic unless you’re doing pro work. We can talk at the meeting if you like.