Leaving Town

I’m leaving Cincinnati this Saturday, and I doubt I’ll have a chance to physically come by Hive13 before I leave.

I have an RFID card that I understand can be recycled. Could I mail that to 2929 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225? I still have 19 soda credits on the account, and I’m happy to let those be absorbed into general donation or passed along to whoever wants them, whatever’s easier. Hopefully I’ll be back next summer and I’ll have more time to get involved.

I’ll reply with photos of Arch Reactor when I arrive in Saint Louis in a couple weeks.


Dan if possible I can meet up with you and pick it up.

That could be possible. I work in the West End, and am staying with my brother in Springdale.

Dan -

I can deactivate your card in our door system so there’s no security problem even if the card is lost. You could certainly hold onto the card, and just use it next summer.

If you want to mail the card in, the address you have is correct. Just note the destination as follows, since there are multiple tenants in the Anchor Building.

2929 Spring Grove Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45225