Learn to solder boards

I have about 500 PCB for the learn to solder program. I tried getting in touch with Lorin yesterday but no luck. Don’t know how soon these are needed or whatnot. I can drop off at space tomorrow (Friday) morning around 9-930 or someone can contact me to make arrangements. I may or may not check the mailing list so either email me directly or call if you need to get in touch.



If you want to drop them off at the Hive that would be cool. The event isn’t until Oct 7-8 so no rush.


They’re leaning against the hives door. I didn’t have a RFiD card to get inside and there was no keypad.

Thanks Dave!

I happened by around 10:15 or so this AM.

Said boards are now inside on the desk by the door.

P.S. the building door was ajar.


Thanks John for both happening by, and for the status update. Both are appreciated!


Thanks Dave & John,

We now have ~980 boards!