Laser very temporarily down

Hey everyone,
We tried out a new version of the lasercut software that is nicer, but it doesn’t fully work with our laser. The only problem is that it currently will not focus correctly (it tries to take the cutting bed down to point zero and hit a limit switch where there are none and will thus crash the bed into the bottom).

There may be a setting to fix this in the new software, but other than that we just need to reinstall the software which doesn’t take long. The only problem is that I have zero clue where the installer is, because no one mentioned where to get it… If anyone could tell me that would be great, and if we could actually make it easy to find that would be awesome!


The old program should still be installed from what I understand, the shortcut on the desktop was just changed.

Also, the lasercut software should be on the fileserver, \hivestore\Data then some logical path under that, I don’t remember the specifics right now.

Ok, should be easy enough to fix then. The new software is much nicer (I can use ^C to copy!!). Can we put the location of the software on the laser page or something then for future use?


The laser is actually working fine... I just tested the z-axis homing
from the control panel on the unit and the software and it worked
perfectly. I'm not sure what Jon saw but appears whatever he did
fixed it... Possibly just needed a reboot?


What was happening is I would try to reset it (with Z axis control on and the cylinder in its correct position) the platform was trying to lower itself all of the way down. I don’t know if it was trying to hit a limit switch to zero itself or what, but we don’t have a limit switch on the bottom to stop it from going to far. I don’t know if you saw how far down the table was, but that was from the laser doing it. Almost crashed the table into the bottom pulleys! Not sure what was up…


Ok... It's not a problem now... There is a setting that controls the
direction of each axis... Apparently there was a download with the
machine config that had it backwards, but the software defaults to the
correct direction. Just redownloading a new design replaced the bad
file. I can reproduce it, so if it happens again it's easy to fix.
We just need to make sure we recalculate any old designs before
redownloading them to the machine.

Ahh, ok. Glad you found the fix! I didn’t have enough time last night to stick around and try to figure it out.

Awesome, thanks Bill!!