I'm alive... just.

Hey everyone, I heard that someone asked about me. My appologies for not giving some sort of update regarding my absence.

I’ve been in the hospital, but NOT as a patient!!

I spent the weekend, and all my time after work this past week at the hospital with a friend who had surgery. I may be mostly AWOL for this coming week as well.


(skip the rest if you are squeamish or don’t want details. I didn’t put a lot detail there, but…)

I know many of you have heard me talk about ‘The Cranky Old Lady’ a friend of mine. She’s had a developing medical problem (hernia) that was impairing her ability to do normal things, which was why I helped with groceries and laundry and other ‘heavy’ lifting things. The ‘alien child’ had increased in size a lot in the last few months, so it was time for it to go. The prep work before surgery uncovered a heart problem as well.

Her surgery was friday a week ago (may 9th) She went through the surgery which included yoinking her gall bladder (bag of marbles)

well. However, Her heart gave them some trouble in recovery. After a night in the recovery area she got a room on the TCU (cardio) unit. She’s given them some concerns (almost ended up in ICU) but has been doing well… Her incision is doing well, it’s her lungs and breathing that have them worried… At this point, all the IVs are out, and most of the monitors are gone and she is being weaned off the oxygen. She is allowed to walk (with a spotter) to the bathroom.

I have heard that she may be transfered to the physical therapy unit this week.

She’s a ‘good’ patient, she is compliant with orders, and honestly, I think she amuses the hell out of the staff. And I have to say that if you ever have to end up in a hospital, St Elizabeth in Edgewood would be a good choice. everyone here has been amazingly fantastic.


Good to hear that your friend seems to be on the mend.