Hive13 T-Shirts

Heads up on T-Shirts.

Jim and I are working on getting some Hive13 shirts made.

Tentatively, all shirts will either be: black-on-white / white-on-black, in Medium or Large sizes only.
This will not change unless there is demand.

If anyone wants T-shirts, let us know your desired quantity, size and color preferences.

I’m in for a large and a medium

Also, one of my clients owns half of a T shirt company. LMK when you get a design together and I can get him to bid the job.

We were looking at these guys, but if you can get better pricing…

I wear a small :frowning: I remember when we first came around (yes 3 years of more ago) there was only one shirt left and Jon got it! I would love a shirt white on black in a size small if possible.

I’ll talk to them Monday. If you can have a design together, that would probably help.

It’s my understanding that we’re to use the same art from the last shirt. I’m sure this is available as a PDF / EPS / etc… somewhere on the HIVE13 server.

I would love one, but I would need a XXL.


SVGs are on the wiki:

Can I get one? I’m only a prospective member currently in Texas, but …

Count me in for a medium!

Btw I still have some of the original orders. I’ll count what stock I have left as well.

On a design and functionality note:

White screen print on a black tee shirt always look cleaner and crisper. Black screen printing on white shirts is a thinner coat due to the fact that it can easily cover the white background; whereas white ink on black needs to be thicker so the white is opaque on the dark background. This means that the black screen print fades faster in the wash, and once again looks worn out much faster. In addition, white tshirts VERY EASILY get dingy/stained/dull looking quickly.

I'd buy two if I could get them in a 2XL.


Mike and I would each get one- like the idea of white on black.

I vote white-on-black as well.

White on black and a small for me please

I would be in for a couple XLs if such is possible, if not, I guess I could do something with just a Large - applique onto something else, I guess. Is the design just the hexagon logo I’ve seen? if so… what about just making some by hand in the extra sizes?
I think it would be very boss to have some in tie dye.

What about having some to sell at the maker fair? A revenue builder? maybe make one of those spin paint art things so people can ‘make’ their own special spin paint/dye shirts ( with the logo on them for free advertising, of course.
Or perhaps just tshirts without the logo (or really small, on the breast or sleeve maybe)


I have a screen already made with our logo on it if anyone wants to try screen-printing their own shirt ( or bag, or anything else ).


I’d be in for a small if the t-shirts are available in women’s styles as well as unisex. Unisex t-shirts tend to make me look like a pre-pubescent boy. Hope that’s not tmi. Hello, all.