[Hive13] Five Minutes of Fame + Meeting - July 28th, 2009

Last week we decided to have a "Five Minutes of Fame" session after
the regular meeting this week. Here is an introduction to the Five
Minutes of Fame idea as executed by Noisebridge (the San Francisco


Basically, you get five minutes to present on any topic you want. You
can show of a finished project or ask for help with a new one. Or you
can just talk about an idea that interests you. If you have 5 minutes
worth of something to talk about sign up on the Agenda for this week's


I've set up the meeting room with the projector and sound system so it
should be suitable for doing presentations. You can bring your own
laptop, or I can hook up mine if you can deliver your presentation to
it (usb drive, internet, CD, etc.).

If you don't have any slides, that is cool too. Don't let that stop
you from talking about something cool!

It would be cool to video record the talks, but we may not be able to
do that this week. I can take videos using my G1, but if anyone has
anything better, feel free to bring it.

See you tomorrow,