Hive13 Bylaws and Membership Addendum

I have created the Github repository for the Hive13 Bylaws and Membership Addendum.

You can find this repository at:

If you don’t know what LaTeX is, I’ll be more than happy to spend some time to work with you and get you enough to get started with it!


You’re showing your age Ian… :slight_smile: I know what LaTeX is but I’ve never used it. WYSIWYG was a beautiful thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually did it this way so that we could see the changes of the bylaws from revision to revision in plain text form. Not everyone uses office, and not everyone has a PDF writer hooked up to their computer, so I wanted to use a set of tools that was open (and free) to everyone to use :slight_smile:

If I’m getting too old, you young whippersnappers can get off of my lawn (I kid, I kid).


I have heard of latex, but never used it. It looks like there might be a GUI editor for it to ease the transition: