Hive badge state

I’m probably not going to make the meeting tonight. If I had I would report the following:

I have received all 560 boards, 400 magnets +100 smaller magnets that I haven’t checked to see if they are strong enough, 600 battery holders (It was cheaper to buy 500 more than to buy 400 to go with the 100 I already had), 550 leds and 400 batteries. So materials wise, we are good to go.

I’m committed to being there for the entire fair, but I have been invited to a wedding celebration on that day so I would appreciate as many volunteers who can commit to a time in advance so I can figure out whether I will be able to slip away for a few hours to make an appearance at the wedding celebration.

Do I have no volunteers to man the “learn to solder” station?


I know that at least two hivers who will be at the Maker Faire all day on Saturday, helping out with whatever tables need to be manned. (I’m one of them).

I’ll put out a formal call for volunteers on Tuesday (along with a few other things related to the hive booths), I’ll try to get you a more accurate assessment of volunteerism there.


I’ll be there Tuesday too. Thanks.