Hive 13 Improvments

Hello all, I’ve been working on trying to improve the space for the past couple days (slow and steady). The problem I’m having besides doing obvious cleaning is that I don’t know where things go or where to put projects that were left out (or where the extra parts ends and where the project starts). I’ve been thinking that we need a specified place to put these projects sitting out that have no indicator who left them or how long it’s been sitting out.

For things that need done I’ve made a little ‘To-do list’ on the whiteboard in the lounge, If anyone feels like adding things to the list please feel free. Currently, the xbox 360 red rings, which is probably due to a overheating problem (on a side note, the sega dreamcast, xbox, 2 ps1’s and ps2 work, but there’s only 2 power cords. However they all use the same power cord. ps2 and sega are plugged in atm ). The entertainment pc won’t turn on, and it either needs fixed or scrapped for parts. I would Ideally like to have a fixed computer by the media center so dvd’s, flash drives, netflix streaming, etc can be used without having to have other devices present. There’s currently a beeping coming from the computer above the lounge (I believe is a server (?) ) and it needs a prompt.

If anyone has any other suggestions for how to help around the place, I’d gladly take it into consideration.


Maybe a silly idea, but what about something like the folded cardboard name tags you’d find reserving tables at a conference or wedding reception or something. Am I describing that well? But, you know, just a little folded cardboard thing with someone’s name on it to kind of ‘claim’ a project area. Like, hey, this is my stuff, I’ll be back!

The media machine in the lounge needs a power supply. It’s an ok machine - Core Duo, 2 or 3 gigs ram, ATI video. Plenty for media tasks. It does NOT have a standard form factor ATX power supply. Someone will either need to modify the case to make a standard PSU fit or try and track down a smaller PSU that will replace the on that is there. Perhaps voting on this would be a good idea tomorrow to approve funds?

Next time I’m down at the space I’ll look at the servers and see if anything stands out.


We might consider reviving the old parking pass/ticket system.

A few other hackspaces run a colored ticket system to indicate status of items around the space. Jim suggested this a couple years back.!msg/cincihackerspace/pCe44Zy_XEY/pUSBAbLaQogJ