Help needed to move the laser

The long wait is over!

I got a call from the shipping company and it will be arriving some time tomorrow. I’ll be down at the hive tomorrow to make sure it gets unloaded from the truck correctly, shouldn’t need any help with that.

We will need a handful (5 to 6 people?) of people to actually uncrate it and move it in to our space.

I’m not sure if we want to try to move it in tomorrow considering it is the election day. Please respond here if you are willing to help move it in possibly on Wednesday evening.

Thanks everyone!

I should be available after 5 Wednesday, I’ll be more than help.

im in to help

I will be there with the power series, ptdr, and grilling I’m in

Barring a couple scheduled meetings, I can be available for a couple hours at almost any time on either Tuesday or Wednesday to assist with the move.

I plan on being there all day tomorrow anyway so I can help.

Any eta yet… was at the hive really late plan on trying to be back down about 1230

eta is somewhere from 12am to 11:59pm. I would have to assume that its going to be here sometime in the afternoon. =]

No more help is needed! There were a handful of people here to help out and it is now residing in the fab lab.

Sorry I couldn’t make it down in time see you guys in a bit can’t wait to see it!

Notice: Missing COO

Unfortunately, we lost track of our Chief Operational Officer, Jon Neal, while moving the machine. He went to retrieve some parts from the storage compartment, and has not been seen since.

If found, please return to Hive13 at 2929 Spring Grove Ave.

Photo Jul 21, 2 38 53 PM.jpeg

Look at that slacker sleeping on the job I’m not grilling anything for him tonight lol

Photo Jul 21, 2 38 53 PM.jpeg