Hackathon next weekend (Sept 11-13)


My company’s New York branch is hosting a “Coders vs. Cancer” event for “Women in Tech uniting against Breast Cancer.”

The main event will be in NYC, but they are encouraging small teams to form for remote participation.

I’m apparently the only woman at our Cincinnati branch who is into code (I’m a UX Designer, not a Programmer, but I am slowly teaching myself), so I’m looking elsewhere now to try to get together a group of 4-5 women (or men! their participation is by no means excluded) to join me.

Have never done a hackathon before but have always wanted to, wish any luck someone else on the team will have prior experience.

Any interested parties feel free to reply to this post, and/or spread the word if you think you know someone who might be interested.

Let’s make this happen! :smiley:

“The challenge is based off the insight that women tend to take care of others before themselves, even at the cost of their own health. So how do you take the habit of helping others and create a socially binding action that helps women encourage others to learn how to check themselves, do it regularly and know what to do if they find anything?”

more info at http://codersvscancer.splashthat.com/