Getting Started with Equipment

Hello all, I’m a new guy who’s been coming to the weekly meetings the last few weeks, and I was told this would be a great place to ask the question I have. I’d like to get to the point where I can begin using some of the equipment at the Hive, specifically some of the woodworking tools to start off with, and was wondering who would be the best person to request help from in getting started with them. I have a simple woodworking project where I believe the next step would entail using a belt sander and a bandsaw, but I’ve never had the chance to use those sorts of equipment yet. Would anyone be gracious enough to show me sometime, maybe after a Tuesday meeting, how to get up and running with either of these?

Thank you in advance,

Tim Wagner

Hey Tim!

I am the wood shop area warden. I’d be happy to help you out next Tuesday. (I am usually at Tuesday meetings, but was not able to attend today). If another day works better for you, we can try to arrange a day when I can meet you down at the Hive, but Tuesdays are a good bet without planning.

Those tools are very easy to learn to use, and maintain, so it should be pretty quick!


Hey Elly,

Being as I’m not a member (yet), Tuesdays are probably the perfect time for that. I don’t think it will take too long either, tools like these are pretty straight forward once you know the basics.



Are we still having open houses for the various areas?

My observation is that the “open house” model fizzled out due to entropic ennui.

Does anyone know the status of the scroll saw? I tried looking up on the wiki as to its status, but can’t find any mention of it. Is it in working order, out of commission, needs a component or blade, etc.?

I’m pretty sure the oscillating scroll saw is functioning. I was looking at using it yesterday (but ended up using something else). Probably wouldn’t hurt to get your own blade if you have a special project.

It is working! We have a small stock of extra blades, but they always get moved around with the other misc. blades for box cutters and the like. They are probably on the shelf or bin in the pegboard above the workbench. That’s the last time I saw them. They are pretty inexpensive if you’d like to get blades yourself. I think they come to about $1 a peice if you get a pack of cheapy ones from harbor freight. They can break pretty easily if you cut something too thick, or too fast, or take a corner too tight.

The scroll saw and lathe are two things I need to put on the wiki. Haven’t done that yet, whoops!