Gauging interest in a Lockpicking meetup. Doing a quick survey

Recently I’ve been considering trying to start a local lockpicking meetup.
I know there’s Bill Sempf’s group up in Columbus, but that’s quite a trip for some of us so I wanted to see if there’s an interest in having one in Cincinnati.

I saw that Hive13 has had lockpicking events in the past so I figured it would be a good place to ask around.

I’ve put up a quick Google Docs survey to try to get an idea of who might want to be interested and what lockpicking related topics or activities they’d like to see:

Let me know if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments!

I’m interested!

Lol this is creeeepy… I was just on youtube and found myself watching videos of lock picking snap guns. Got dang goverment caught us with our tin foil off and made us both think of the same thing. :slight_smile: I am up for some fun!

I’m interested.
I have the beginner clear lock pick kit I can bring.


A bit of an update on this.

I got a few responses to the survey, and I’m doing a bit of planning for an initial meetup though I haven’t decided on a definite date yet.

I’ve looked through a lot of the materials leftover from the previous lockpicking events and found a lot of useful stuff.
We won’t be short on practice locks thankfully!

I’m putting together a bit of a beginners tutorial on lockpicking for a first meetup and looking at getting some remaining items that aren’t already there, like some spare picks for those who don’t have their own and holders for kik cylinders (probably going to 3D print those).

I just put up a Meetup group so people can sign up for updates:

I haven’t scheduled the first Meetup just yet as there’s still some things I have to sort out, but hopefully it will be soon-ish.