End-of-year Tax Report

Last year I sent out a report of payments made to Hive13 for use on your taxes. This year I totally forgot and surprisingly nobody bugged me about it…well at least until recently :slight_smile: So I went back to look at my process from last year and it was rather horrible. Since we have real-time reporting from paypal now it was possible for me to rewrite the system I used last year to provide real-time tax reports as well.

Now if you want a receipt for your donations to Hive13 you can go here:


Use your paypal email. This does not count any cash or check donations. I just wrote it and did some testing, it still may have bugs. Let me know if you have problems.


You’re a bad ass. Thanks.

It worked for me, although I had a mix of payment types so the total
was off. I'd done my taxes with my own records, but I agree with
Dave's assessment that this is cool!