Election Results

Hello Everyone,

The online election polling ended on Friday so we have the final tallies for board and officer positions and the bylaws.

All five people running for board were elected so our new board is:
Chris Davis, Ian Wilson, myself, Dave Menninger, and Craig Smith.

All uncontested officer positions were elected as follows:
Secretary - Paul Vincent
Treasurer - Craig Smith
CTO - Dave Blundell
COO - Jon Neal

The president was the only contested position and Jim Dallam was elected in.

The bylaws had eight issues (issue 1 of the vote was a blanket/pass all vote) and all eight passed.

Everyone’s terms will be until July as usual. They will not be regular one year terms since this election was postponed so long.

The number of people that voted was 28 and we currently have ~39-41 members (it fluctuates a bit) at least a 68% quorum which means that both bylaws and the elected officers and board members are valid.

Congratulations to everyone who got voted in and thank you everyone who voted!


Jon, thank you for your efforts to spearhead the election process and
the same to the others that helped you.

Thanks also to the many Daves (at least three) and others that
contributed to updating the bylaws.

To the prior officers and board members who have served so well (some
from the start) our new regime will try to meet your high standards
and continue the growth of the HIVE. I like the tradition of self-
imposed term limits (for all except Craig) and view my term as
preparation for the pending reign of Hodapp, the benevolent.

Each new org change brings fresh blood and new ideas. DaveB has
already published his introductory CTO manifesto. I will try to keep
this one short.

As your current president, I will work to implement the composite
goals of our member-driven organization. I think we all want to have
fun and do cool and significant things with other great people.

Be thinking about what you'd like to see the HIVE be and do in the
coming year. Starting tonight, I plan to chat with individuals and
small groups for your inputs and ideas, big and small. What projects,
events, speakers, classes, and tools do you want to see this year?
What would make our space and organization be even more excellent?

Best Regards,