COMPETITION: Hive13 Fall 2018 Two-By-Four Challenge!

Everyone has heard of a 2X4 challenge right? If not, here are the rules:

  1. You can make whatever you want, it can be artistic or functional, big or small, serious or silly, it’s up to you.

  2. You may use any manufacturing/production techniques you want, from any part of Hive13.

  3. Your material must consist of ONLY wood from a single 2 in. x 4 in. x 96 in. pine/whitewood board (untreated, any grade available at the common hardware/lumber stores with actual size 1.5 in. x 3.5 in. x 96 in.) nails/screws (no cheating and using nails/screws as forging stock or welding them into something, they can only be for joining wood to wood), glue, and finishes (paint, varnishes, etc).

  4. All work must be your own. Feel free to brainstorm with someone or have someone show you how to do something, but the work that goes into the actual competition must be by your own hands.

The details:

  • If you plan to compete, please post in this thread stating so (not doing this will not disqualify you)
  • Submissions are due in Hive13 by Friday, October 12th, 2018 (I’ll post later with details on where/how to set things up) with a sheet describing the project (inspiration, function, methods, etc.)
  • Each submission must have a picture or video, and a description of the project posted on the Wiki.
  • Projects will be on display in Hive13 from Friday, October 12th, 2018 through Saturday, October 20th, 2018
  • Participants are encouraged to be present at Made in Camp (Saturday, October 12th, 2018, 11am-4pm) and/or the weekly meeting that week (Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 6pm – 9pm) to “sell” why your project is the best (or just to be jazzed about all the cool builds).
  • Winners will be decided by membership vote during the Friday, October 12th, 2018 through Saturday, October 19th, 2018 time period, polls closing at 10:30pm (will post later with voting details, may do web poll, may do ballot boxes)
  • Winners will be announce during the Open House (Sat, October 20, 2pm – 9pm, specific time TBD)
    Have fun, get creative, and good luck!

-Woodworking Warden

OOOo can we do more than one entry?
Imma make something cool!!!

hmm, should probably limit the number of entries, but I am not against having multiple per person. Anyone else have input here? maybe no more than 2 or 3 per person, and only one award per person?

I’ll be competing myself as well in case that wasn’t implied, haha.

OOOO someone’s getting the jump on us!!!


Hey everyone! after getting some good constructive feedback, I have decided to drop the Wiki entry requirement and the Photo/video requirement. We want the competition to be easily accessible to old members, new members, and nonmembers alike, so all that is needed to enter is your project and a brief blurb (1 paragraph) about your build. We will take photos as part of judging and make a wiki article about the whole event after.

also some clarification on rules: there were some requests to use string/rubber bands/etc. and for this competition the rules make those things off limits. HOWEVER, say you wanted to make a rubber band gun, since the rubber band is not PART of the gun, just a projectile, that would be allowed. Likewise, if your project is best displayed hanging from a string, that would be allowed, as the string is just there for support as a table would be for something that sits on a table.

To address some of the desire for additional flexibility, I fully intend to later (say maybe 6 months from now?) hold another competition that is a 2x4 “plus” challenge that will permit up to $10 of other material. But for now, the rules stand as stated originally.

I am excited about some of the ideas I have talked to everyone about, I can’t wait to see all the results!

Have fun!

Rules are meant to be broken, suckers! :facepunch:

I really wish I was able to move around without crutches :frowning: . I look forward to the next one !!!

You could always make a spare crutch…

Fallout wasteland theemed crutch :slight_smile:

All talk, no action.
I got ya beat on most sawdust made. Thickest lipped bowl. Most cup like object, First rank ugly yada yada. And only half of a 2x4 used. How about some competition?

2x4 bowla.jpg

I’ll try this.

2x4 bowla.jpg

I hope everyone is finishing up their projects!

This is a friendly reminder that entries are due friday (though if they show up before I take pictures of all of them saturday, you will be included).

The prizes will be gift certificates to Rockler, Woodcraft, or Harbor Freight (Winner’s Choice) , $50 for first place and $25 for second.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s projects!


The “worst entry” should get the Harbor Freight card. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I haven't seen instructions to submit the project. Did I miss them?


Submission is as simple as bringing in your project and setting it up. I’ll have some tables set up just for this either tomorrow or friday evening.

does anyone need an extra day or two to finish? I could move the deadline to Saturday evening if needed.

Here’s my notice of formal entry -
This is the finely sanded highly polished remains of Home Despot’s finest kind 2x4. In fact, so little remains that it has earned the classy Latin title:
Reducto ad Scobs - See? Classy.

It stands ready to contend for the most sawdust produced in the creation of an object.

Since the entry table wasn’t set up, I put it on the shelf above the counter in the Kitchen.


Reducto ad Scobs 2x4 entry 0.jpg

I’m almost recovered from my plague, so I will be able to drop mine off tomorrow. The finish on it didn’t get quite completed, but oh well.

I’m on the wire to finish, put my entry is coming along!