Cincinnati Bell and Youtube

Any other Cincinnati Bell users experience a severe drop in the quality of Youtube streaming recently?

Are you using the fiops service?

I have absolutely had a problem with youtube, and some other services recently. I’ve been looking in my own network to see what was hogging the pipe.

DSL here, can confirm all google services have been crap since late
last night. seems that the peering point two hops out from
* has gone stupid. routes up to chicago via seem to be fine. ITR also shows a line of
failures in ohio, michigan and pennsylvania, but haven't heard a peep
from NANOG.

Fiops at home, Alt DSL circuit at work, both exhibiting the same symptoms, and from the other replies here it seems widespread enough, and now it is impacting google services other than youtube.

Interesting info Alex. Thanks.

If I use my wor


Yes, however I have fought off the THEY for now!

To complete the though, if I use the VPN from work all returns to normal, it’s just on Cbell it shows up.

I would say it probably has something to due with the new tie in feature’s being presented to Cinci Bell for not going along right away with the NSA request for access ,

Now all Cinci Bell lines trunk threw a review network in UTAH :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ,