[CHP] Return Ultimaker to original condition. Update Cura. Standardize material.

If the ultimaker is not printing well I am all for getting needed supplies. I have to printed on that specific one in some time so I am wondering if she is needing belts and bushings as well. If we end up going with taking that one back to oem parts I am all for trying the parts from lorins design on my um2 as well as throw other “customized” parts on my for r&d to see what does better with different material types and speeds.

Personally when I have had my um2 not print to spec was due to belt slack when at higher speeds and the bushings needing replaced. Once the extrusion % and temp changes were tweeked on the first few layers as with any printers, lorins design fed amazing. Whatever route we go is good for 3d printing in general at the hive. I will be down tomorrow to start on my delta kit and I have a bunch of high end 8mm od carbon fiber rod from really good arrows that I have extra from getting some new sets. So I will be upgrading pieces on my cr10 anf delta… if there are any other projects that require 8mm / 5/16 linkage… shoot me an email at kevinkennethschuler@gmail.com and J will round some up for you.