[CHP] Big Laser - Proximity Switch

If you like, I can check it out with you sometime. I’m bringing ultimaker back today or tomorrow (hoooooray, it passed my latest round of stress testing). If I recall, the 3D parts are kinda worn. So, I could use some of my fancy Nylon or Taulman Tech-G to make a more durable part.

Let me know if you want to help.



Yes that sounds great, I had a couple ideas but they all required additional 3D printed parts. I looked at the smaller laser and couldn't quite get the concept.

I’m working at home today, but can come in in the evening, does that work?

Sorry Lorin, I rarely can make it to the hive on evenings except Sunday and Monday unless we are talking after 11:30pm(Which I can do). Other than that I can do most mornings before noon.

I have a terrible work schedule I know haha.

Let’s work on it some morning this week. Mornings are good for me at Hive, and I’m a morning person (get up at 5am) – so that explains why I look so tired and grumpy when folks see me in the evening…
I’ll send you a message off list.

I didn’t get a chance to loot at it tonight, but we could fabricate something with our cool machine tools if necessary.