Car Rescue/Engine Hoist help?


My thursday evening took a new twist…
My car is in a parking lot in WV 5 hours away with a blown engine (he thinks it may be a rod)

I’d loaned my Mazda to a friend to take on a trip, My friend checked over the car beforehand, including doing some brake work as a thankyou for the use of it. everything seemed to be ok.

On the trip home, the car died at an intersection, it’s been rolled to a nearby Park and Ride lot, where it should be safe for a while. I am weighing options, and if it looks like we may try to get the car back here and see about putting a new engine in. (depending on price and availability of replacement engines)

The brakes on my Van have problems right now, If we can get the Van’s brakes taken care of, it could tow the Mazda back from WV on a Uhaul tow dolly,

Does anyone know of another Towing vehicle that might be begged/borrowed on saturday or more likely sunday (or next week)?

And does anyone know where I could beg/borrow an engine hoist for a while?

I have a hoist you can use as long as you need. You'll need to pick it up though. It's a fold away style, about 5 feet high folded up.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou Brett!!

Call or text me we'll set you up.