Call for PC power cables.

The Hive’s box of IEC 13 power cables is nearly empty. This is the standard blocky desktop PC power plug (picture link below) we all know and love. I’m sure I’m not the only one of us who has a dozen more of these at home than I am ever likely to need.

Rather than buying more with community funds, I thought I’d ask if people with surplus cables could bring a few to the hive. It shouldn’t be difficult to refill the box between us.

For my part, I’ll dig up the aforementioned dozen cables and put them in our box.

  • Ry

Ha. I’ll check around.
We call them robot or Mickey Mouse. The Mickey Mouse ones have three cylinders compared to the squarish ones.

How many does the Hive want? I have between a dozen and two dozen and I need nowhere near that many.

Most of mine were cut up and give them for PT Dr stuff however I might have a few laying around. I will try to dig through my box for tomorrow’s meeting.