Bi-Weekly Make-a-thon: Print-a-thon - this Saturday noon-8pm.


Sorry for the last minute post:

As a casual event and opportunity for learning new skills - Make-a-Thon #2: Print-a-Thon

Want to try 3d printing for the first time? Want to figure out the software used? Want to just do something this weekend? Want to hang out while stuff prints? Let’s do it together, learn from each other, and have some fun!

I will

bring in an Ultimaker 2 and a PrintrBot simple metal which are working rather well. We can use those machines, in addition to hive machines (pending availability and certification). I got those machines specifically to facilitate this sort of activity on, as they are representative of some common, popular, and accessible paradigms in FDM (and I take care of them so that they are set up for workshops).

Its a drop in event, which I will facilitate. However, it’s all about community, so you won’t necessarily be learning from me, but from each other. And we’ll also be chipping in to the 2nd Sat cleaning…

Come on down, bring a lunch, watch a movie, hang out, and lets make some plastic stuff!!!


What time and day are you shooting for

Durr it’s in the subject I should be good to make it for most of that dat


I just posted to blog.

I’ll have some new Tech-G, Nylon 230, and Nylon Bridge to try with the Ultimaker too. No promises, but my friends elsewhere have had good results with these Taulman materials. I also will bring some PLA to try which is being offered to us at pretty sweet discount – if we like it, we may wish to get more at Hive.


P.S. My students and I are starting some eNable and NIH part printing, and donations of filament or $ for filament are appreciated. The parts will be sent to 3rd world countries to build eNable prosthetics for children. Totally optional…

BTW, the ultimaker2 will live at Hive13 starting in a few weeks. When it’s not being used by community educators for outreach elsewhere, it will be at the Hive, and I am happy to certify people on it soon.


I'd really like to take part in this. I don't really have a lot of practical knowledge when it comes to 3D printing, but I'd really like to start learning and see what happens.


Sounds great Lorin! I’ll definitely be there and hopefully for all future events!

Tim -

Please do attend. All you need is curiosity, motivation, and basic literacy. :smiley:

We're always happy to provide a kick start and plenty of links to reference material on nearly any topic.

- Ry

Lorin -

Thanks for setting this up. I’ll bring my Printrbot down as well, just to have another machine available.

  • Ry

Just a short fyi: Tomorrow is not a Second Saturday. It is a 5th saturday. :stuck_out_tongue: haha

I think because it is a bi weekly event, he meant that they intend to help clean during their next make-a-thon. At least that’s what I figured. It took me awhile to figure that out though, I was in the same boat as you elly =P

Leap Saturday!

And yes, come. None of this stuff is hard not requires any prior skill or knowledge, just interest and willingness to try something new.


what sort of turnout are you expecting from responses you’ve gotten?

You never know till it’s over… I’d guess a sort of rolling attendance. The usual suspects +10 people or so… Could just be me printing alone, doing dishes, and cleaning the hive, though. Maybe I’ll get some time to write…


Hopefully lots!!

Jokes on you Lorin, I already did the dishes! =P

im sorry buddy but im running a fever and feel like hell im going to have to pass on this one. I will def be up for the next one.

I’ll be there and I’ll bring our son’s Doodle pen.

I am hoping my new parts will be in by the next print day. I ended up finding a new olsson block with 6 nozzles kit for 40 bucks shipped. I don’t know if it is 100% genuine however dimensions are the same lol so I have my fingers crossed.