Air Compressor Down

Well, the blow off valve on the bottom of the air compressor seems to have locked itself open…

I’ve shut off the air compressor until we figure this out.

Oops. I tried fixing that earlier today. Guess it broke again.

I’m not far from just removing that thing and going back to how the compressor originally was. Stupid harbor freight.

You know… Decent compressors that will last YEARS are not that much money - figure $500-1500. If we’re serious about having shop air in the place, it might make sense to you know, buy a decent compressor?

The compressor itself works fine, that isn’t the problem.

Almost all compressors I’m aware of in that price range don’t come with automatic drains which is what I have been trying to add. If I can’t fix this within the next few days I’m just going to revert it to the way it was before.

which means water will collect in the bottom of the can, and it will eventually rust out, right? That’s what you were trying to fix with the drain…

That is exactly the problem. I can try to modify the manual drain to make it a little easier to drain and put a big sign on the compressor asking people to regularly drain it.

My experience is that it’s a lot easier to just open the drain once every other week than it is to do the fancy automatic drains. They tend to break or not work a lot. When you expect them to work automatically, you tend not to empty compressors manually. Compressors in the shop last 5+ years without issue, daily use for hours and less than regular draining. Ingersoll Rand compressor.

The reason I wanted this on our new compressor is that our last compressor rusted out from this issue. This thing is just breaking so much that I’m pretty much done with it and I’m about to move on and just scrap it.

It is in the welding room… could regular draining be asked of the area warden? I think it would come under tool care and maintenance.