A place to get stupf

We might want to look into this place as a repository of neat shit to be had. I for one need a microscope and lamilar flow clean hood.


I’m going to go on Sept 12th if anyone wants to go with.


That looks awesome, how did I not know about this?

From reading the policies section it seems like some of the items will be for auction while others are just for sale?

Should we use our set aside budget for shelving for good finds here?

There are lots of great deals to be had at the UC surplus sale. It's
possible, but not always guaranteed, to find good shit. Don't know if
it should warrant much earmarking of funds.

Most useful items can be purchased; the auctions are usually just for
pallets of things, e.g. CRTs and XT keyboards and other assorted trash
we already have crates of.

Nathaniel is right. The UC surplus sale has been going on for years. Last time I went was a few years ago to get a long folding table. Walked away with one of those 8-ft. particle board cafeteria-type folding tables for $20. At Staples, they had 8-ft. plastic tables for like $80.

Lots of metal desks, metal chairs, metal filing cabinets. Pallets of keyboards, mice, monitors, etc. You can negotiate price as well. Every now and then you'll find a good find, like a laptop less than 3 yrs. old.

On 8/7/2009 10:06 AM Nathaniel claimed:

Meant to say somewhere in there that the UC surplus sale is awesome.

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