3 phase

Hey All,
Anyone know if we can run the 3 phase to the dirty room?

ut oh. this sounds serious. :slight_smile:

Big boy welder? :thinking:

there are a lot of cheap 3 phase TIGs to be had used as not many people have 3 phase… You can typically convert them to 2 phase but that’s work.

I see a 3phase lincoln electric square wave 175 for a decent price. so just kind of wondering if any of you electrically minded people have any idea.

big boy tig would be pretty fun, eh? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I will take a look tonight. (Which means I need to stop home and get my headlamp.)

The three-phase in the Hive (by the big CNC), if memory serves, is 208V delta-connected, and whoever wired it (long before we moved in) did a piss-poor job. I’ll trace it back to wherever it goes and see what horrors await.

I am getting ready to sort out donation request letters for a TIG welder and any welding supplies they feel like donating. Knowing if we have a good 3 phase for what exactly you would like to work with electric wise would be great to know. If anyone has any local contacts of Management at any of those welding supply stores to send a letter to as well on top of to the companies themselves, I would greatly appreciate the forwarding of the information. Even if bits and pieces that we need come from different locations to build our welding/metalworking inventory is a win. I plan on having all of the Letters Out within the first 3 weeks of January and will make a wishlist of the targeted items we are going to try and obtain. I will get a more formal list going for Target items that people from The Hive might think of that I may not have. Before we jump on a large investment welder I think it would definitely be worth it to save possibly thousands of dollars and hold off a short amount of time. If we come across something good and amazingly inexpensive we could technically just resell it if something donation wise works out.

As a side note I am going to track down aluminium spool guns that will work with our current mig as well. They are amazing additions!