2019 Bylaws Proposal - Rewrite Warden Addendum

Kevin can you repeat that I must have missed the wording you proposed?

Text as passed:

Warden Addendum

June 4, 2019

1 Summary

Wardens are active Members who want to become experts of the Hive and lead the Hive mission. Wardens are able to effectively offer advice, teach users how to properly and safely use the machines, maintain the space, and directly request replacements or improvements to items in the space. The increased responsibility of these Members comes with the benefit of a discount off of the Membership fee and direct access to funds for improvement of the space.

2 Organization

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for managing the Wardens. Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Ensuring that Wardens are respecting the Hive

• Approval of requests for the Warden Budget

• Holding short monthly progress meetings with the Wardens

3 Warden Budget

A total of $250 is allocated each month, in addition to the compensation given to the Wardens. Wardens have direct access to request parts/consumables for the Hive out of this Warden Budget. Approved requests are purchased by the COO, and the monthly summary is presented to the Board at each Board Meeting for reimbursement to the COO.

4 Eligibility, Discount, and Appointment

  1. Any Member in good standing for at least the prior four (4) consecutive months may serve as an Warden. The longevity requirement may be waived for a specific Member by an Act of the Board of Directors.

  2. Wardens are eligible for a discount of 100% of dues for Student Members and 50% of dues for any other Membership class.

  3. The maximum number of Wardens may be changed at any time by an Act of the Board of Directors, and is eight (8) until such an Act is passed. Reducing the maximum number of Wardens does not cause any current Warden to be removed from a Warden position.

  4. Wardens shall be appointed or removed by an Act of the Board of Directors. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for making appropriate recommendations to the board for warden appointment or removal based on the needs of the organization.

5 Responsibilities

The COO is responsible for determining the specific breakdown of the various Areas and the individual duties of each Warden. Each Warden is not necessarily limited to one Area, nor one Warden per Area, and cross-training of Wardens is encouraged. Responsibilities of the Wardens include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Provide at least one reliable form of contact plus respond on the Mailing List and any other electronic messaging system the Hive provides for its Members

• Ensure that the Hive is kept clean

• Maintain all equipment in the Hive, and ensure broken equipment is repaired

• Maintain documentation on Hive equipment, including a list of any consumables needed and current status

• Request Warden Budget funds for parts or consumables as needed

• Hold public hours at least twice a month for at least two hours each at which the Warden is present

• Provide feedback on how to improve the Warden program