11:00 am Feb. 6 - Hive13 Cleanup and Organization Day

As many of you who have visited us at the Hive know our humble abode is not the most organized location. We have computer cases and project debris scattered around on every possible flat surface. We also have enough CRT’s and Pentium 2’s to start a 1998 computer lab. On top of all this clutter we have a fast approaching deadline, our February 13th party, that requires the space to be presentable.

Therefore, this coming saturday,11:00 am February 6, 2010, I (and anyone who will join me) will be at the Hive working on figuring out what computers are junk, which CRT’s we are going to recycle, and we will be clearing off workbenches. We will probably be processing old, junk computers and printers for parts and trashing anything we do not want. At the end of the day we are going to take any old, decrepit computers and spare CRT’s to the computer recycling center. If you want to claim any of these wonderful treasures, please stop by this saturday.

Bring food, booze, and whatever you think you will need to work as long as possible in cleaning up the space. I will bribe with pizza if necessary.

For the TL;DR people:

Hive13 Cleanup and Organization Day
11:00 am February 6th, 2010 @ Hive13

  • Organize shelves and workbenches

  • Clean and polish the hackerspace

  • Sort out and strip crappy computers

  • Cull the CRT herd

  • Take culled CRT’s and crappy computers to recycling plant.

  • Paul Vincent